Tuesday, January 4, 2011

YAYs! :) & NAYS! >:( ... How Do You Feel About Starfishing in Bed?

  • Cold side of your pillow :)
  • A book that pulls you in to it's world and you don't ever want to come out. (Canz I lives in dis book nao plz?)

  • When you know there are more in the series after the one in your hand
  • Even if it's winter to get a little fresh breeze anytime... (but especially lying in bed)
  • Falling asleep in a room with just enough chill to cuddle warmly beneath your blankies (only if you are snuggled up with lots of blankets otherwise it is a definite annoyance to try and fall asleep with chattering teeth)
  • First bite into freshly baked Chocolate Chip cookies or gooey brownies. Unless you are too impatient (and or a chocoholic... Leslie..:-D.) 
    • Annoyance though if you do this immediately after taking them out of oven and you burn the inside of your mouth which causes you to curse the evil jumpy-oven for prob. Scaring you while preheating oven and now burning you. A double win for the oven and a double negative experience for you with said oven. Double negative = a positive! Yay! I win! Which in this case the double negative does not constitute as a positive. No. You just double lose.
  • Puppies! Yes I am a 4 year old girl.... C'mon! PUPPIES! even if you are an elaborately masculine, tough and hard core gangstah biker dude (yes, gagstah biker dudes) when you see an adorable puppy, you cannot resist it's magnetic pull of your hand to it's fluffy fur.

  • When you finish the last page. Last paragraph. Last sentence and word of your favorite series knowing this IS the final book
  • Toilet paper flipped wrong way-- new sheet MUST be hanging down from being rolled over! NEVER under! {Mom!}

  • Bed sharer STARFISHES in bed. Taking up all your space so you get 4 sq. Inches of bed

  • 6-7 seconds after everyone comes down from a high of laughing together when ppl make awkward sighs then someone tries to break the awkward and either you feel like THANK U for breaking awkward OR "stfu you are only saying the first thing that popped into your head to break awkward ice) { unless your name is Matt Rasmussen in which you fully embrace said awkwardness and all chances for anything to be awkward in which you view anytime you create these situations or are a part of them as a WIN! But that's usually only if u are Mr. Rasmussen}
  • Terrible drivers
  • Terrible drivers who think that they are awesome and in the right when clearly they have inferior driving skills than what you possess
  • Driving at same speed as someone for length of time (like you are "married" on the swings) and you really want to look over or really go out of your way to avoid them seeing you

Many more to list, but getting too tired~ mas to come!

Qs for the reader:
What is at the top of your list of Yays & Nays?


  1. Starfishing in bed... nooo! Especially when you're not strong enough to roll the starfisher over! You inspired my latest entry: