Monday, January 10, 2011

Time to make light of this spinal sadness... && Story of my first impaired journey

Pre-note: pain pills just put into effect and it's time to paint a few pictures because percocet pushes pain past my thoughts and now I want to paint you a picture of meee so much more alleviated from all the "ahh! ow! eee! oooo! eeep! uugghh! urrgh! *snif*"s that have been so non eloquently conquering my existence lately...
I'm a priinncceess, so sparkly and fabulous!!!

Ok... not really... the concoction of narcotics from ER doc take the tidge of the edge off but, this is mentally how I want to try to think so I get better faster!!

Today I wanted to try and ...not exert myself..but not lay around like a sad sac of ish either ...but it ended up being much more of the former than the latter.

I strapped on that lovely neck brace because it is so fabulously fashionably gorgeous and desireable for more stability as I got up and walked around and headed outside on my journey.  Recently, a Journey is anything outside...RN momma decided fresh air was in order.. so my high-self decided to talk an assisted journey out to the fish house...which may not seem like a huge deal to you, but it was the biggest thing I have done in days...and was pretty hardcore.  Too hardcore too soon... prob should have been on more narcs. for this...


super drowsiness kicking in... oh Mr.Dizzy Drowniess side-effect.. you hit me so hard....I'm probably going to draw a picture personifying this new super villan... or is he a super hero? Well he is hitting me.. hard.. but I need sleep.. Dr. appt early en la manana (how to add ~ over n?)

No sé. pero estoy muy muy triste que mi cama es como un taco...y es una "TACO CAMA" o ...Cama-de-Taco? No sé... Necesito..NECESITO una cama nuevo por mi cuerpo... mi cuerpo triste triste triste. Me duele el ....back. crap. I forgot how to say back. Why whenever my conscious state of mind gets shifted by some sort of substance I feel the need to switch solamente en espanol? 

At least Matthew G. Rasmussen understands.

ppssstttt: preview pic for the rest of this story for the entry 

The Fish-House Journey shall continue ...when more sober...or will I...? 

EDIT:  Please tell me you have read Hyperbole and a Half's blog?  Well one of her characters from her blog is "spaghetta nadle" which is a spaghetti noodle with a speech impediment .. and when reading I found a pic of him I totes relate to right nao:

I must give full credit and you can find her blog and this particular post here 

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