Sunday, January 2, 2011

Random Things That Happened To Me Today:

A slue of my experiences so far and trying to express them as a new blogger {yay!} 
Don't Judge... Hard :)

  1. Woke up at 11am after staying up past 3am to continuously read Hyperbole and a Half while the fiancé played THE GAME all night (C.O.D) to groggily call for said fiancé and make sure he was home and didn't have to go out to the airport or anything {The fiancé is a pilot...vrroom!}
  2. Sat up in bed so as to not fall back asleep because it is embarrassing to be waking at such a late hour-- I most definitely did not get the worm.
  3. Loving fiancé stops what I am sure is another game in THE GAME to come up and say good morning, notices I am sitting up and tries to tackle me for hugz (yes hugz, not hugs we often have been talking in Arby & the Chief lingo, see the hugz clip starting @ the 2:30 mark)
    • Dialog goes as follows: 
    • Me:"Do not wish to be taacckkleed"
    • The Fance (we have MANY names..many odd names for each other): "You cannot resist my chhaarrrmm! *tackle/shove/hug* {other funny ways to try and tackle me, but do not want to be tackled for fear of becoming to comfortable and sleepy and we can't have that because it is already embarrassing enough how late I have slept in which makes me feel guilty, and more adamant about not being tackled}
  4. FF >> (Fast Forwarding!) Reading several more of Allie's blog to point where eyes are straining and confused like I am attacking them with too much computer reading and it feels weird to even look away from screen, almost painful. Almost. 
  5. Made a pic of straining eyes but simply satisfied scanning her blog
  6. Realize still haven't eatten breakfast and it is 1:14p with makes me feel even more guilty like I am wasting my Sunday but then I remember this is what Sunday's are for-- to sit around and read blogs and relax and do whatever the heck I want to do regardless of whether or not society thinks I should feel guilty or not. Bah! 
  7. --Still in my Penguin Jammies, debating what to have to eat.  Out of milk- boo no cereal, I <3 cereal, I <3 cereal so much that sometimes we have it for dinner.  
    • Need more milk. Need more cereal. 
    • Hate, HATE grocery shopping. 
    • No milk. No Cereal. No Breakfast options. Meh. 
    • Must force self to get dressed in normal non-penguin clothes and use $$ to by food at dreaded grocery store, which I hate. {We end up throwing it away/eating and....getting rid of it anyway. Hate spending $ on things that don't last like this...
    • also toilet paper. Doesn't last, isn't fun to use or look at or have we just need it. Money waster- ugh, I resent you money wasters}

  • Doggie cord:  Waggleton (same fiancé as mentioned before-one of 1,000,000 names we have) has been obsessed with hilariously voicing the phrase, "C'mere doggeh".

    • To his friends in THE GAME;
    • To any puppies & doggies we see;
    • and apparently to his laptop charger cord as he drags it across the living room floor into the dining room. 
  • Later I decide to blog about my "morning" (early afternoonish-morning time) and for some reason am try not to let him read as I am writing the raw blog.  
    • Feeling neglected, fancleton tries to get attention with christmas hams shake.  I say," You must wait until I'm done before reading plz....... dun judge hard" while coyly trying to hide my typings as he approaches me & computer frequently over the next several minutes.
    • Wags says, "crying face you're just gonna ignore me all day and be like 'I'm bloggin, bloggin all day so why don't you just play THE GAME'"
      •  I feebly attempt a rebuttle with "" When I still am trying to finish point number 3 from this morning when all I wanted was to tell a short story but this is turning into my thoughts being thrown down in text--yay blogs. 
  • Muffleton-burger-ville commences the dumping an entire can of redbull, "New Years more RedBull!!! *commenses dumping out entire 16 oz. can while staring with wide, shocked eyes at what he is doing, realizes and adds...* "Well....... except for JagBombs.... because of THE Wedding"
Realizing how hungry I am, need to find food.  Going back to internal debate of lack of milk & cereal VS how hungry & poor I am. . . 

True Life

                  I'm a poor college grad.

Off to find something to satiate my hunger with, and possibly continue re-reading Burned, before Awakened comes out in 2 days!  {kudos to you if you know what those arreee!}


P.S.- Yes, I changed it to my real name on all my posts {all... haha I say it like I have a lot, I have 2! lol} and in my blog... I <3 the name Gwendolyn buuut, it doesn't reflect the honesty and rawness I am going for...

EDIT: BTW-I stayed in my kid-like penguin pjs the entire day. I rock. Jealous- be it.

Never left to go get milk or cereal, and with my personifying of inanimate objects, this was probably a good thing.

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