Friday, May 31, 2013

Come Get Ready With Me:: Dinner & Drinks Night Out *Naked Palette* Makeup Tutorial

Come Get Ready With Me:: Dinner & Drinks Night Out *Naked Palette* Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by my little blog and welcome to my step-by-step video of how I get ready for a classy night out!  This is pretty much my go-to look using a mixture of the two Urban Decay Naked Palettes for the eyes.  I walk you through step by step of how I get ready...from foundation to contouring, to a golden & shimmery eye to eyebrows... I explain it all... Yes it is a longer video because I am explaining a lot of what I am doing and WHY I am doing it that way...  This is just what I have learned over the years and how I have learned from different Make Up artists how to do a look I really enjoy!  Play around with the colors and tailor it so it suits you & your personality and most of all HAVE FUN!  Make up can always be removed if you try something new and end up not loving it...OR you could discover a new favorite!  So exciting :) So be creative, and leave comments or response videos below and let me know how your going out look turned out!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to: Have a Relaxing Evening In + Facial Care Routine

How to: Have a Relaxing Evening In...
+ My {basic} Face Care Routine

My relaxation song I used was "Escape From Gravity By: Deuter"

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Top 5 Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

Hi Dolls!

I'm always watching new videos on YouTube and learning new tricks.  I have listed a few of my favorites I am continually watching and you would love them too!


5. LaurenBeautyy:: Super cute personality from an adorable girl in Australia! I love listening to her accent and she has some really helpful videos! She is such a cute girl & talented too!!! Definitely worth checking out and subscribing to!
Lauren's Channel::

4. Zoella!:: {zoella280390} Just recently discovered the adorable Zoe from watching a collaboration haul video with Tanya Burr (definitely another one of my favorite favs!) and she is so cute and bubbly it's awesomely contageous... I really adore her!
Zoe's Channel:
The Beauty Haul Collaboration Video on Tanya's Channel <-- {Click the title}
The Clothes Haul Collaboration Video on Zoella's Channel <-- {Click the title}
3. Pixiwoo:: I could listen to these sisters forever, and they are incredibly knowledgable makeup artists who have been featured in several magazines and aritcles, and currently have been in Glamour magazine, and Sam has launched a brush line {THAT I AM IN ABSOLUTE LOVE WITH! SO SOFT!} that has been featured in Cosmo-UK
Sam & Nic's Channel:

2. Julie G:: {Formerly JulieG713} The girl that started it all for me as far as learning from tutoirals on YouTube.  She inspired me to even make a few videos for the first time and post them in response to some of her videos or just on my own as a tutorial! Such an adorable girl with a great personality! You will love, love, LOVE watching her videos! She also has her own nail polish line with Jesse's Girl Cosmetics! So cute and afforadble! They are available at RiteAids.
Julie's Channel:
Her nail polishes:

1. Kandee Johnson:: Such a sweetheart!  Seriously one of the most positive and uplifting people I've ever met... LOVE YOU GIRL! Honestly one of the most amazing women/mom/makeupartist/inspirations ever in my opinion... <3 her! *internet hugs*
Kandee's Channel:


Kandee with Simon Cowell! So proud of you girl... you're definitely going places <3 BIG places <3
------------------Honorable Mentions------------------
{I <3 you girlies too!!}


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