Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Post~ Oh Hello 2:25am

**You will see impulsivity, randomness, honesty & alliteration/assonance in my thoughts in these postings...** :)

Dear Readers;

I have been reading and loving countless posts from Allie Brosh ( I have realized that thoughts she has and views as random, I find that I sometimes have similar ideas or thought trains cross my mind but dismiss them just as quickly as they came in.  I realize that she is just a girl, posting her random experiences and she has thus inspired me to be a new blogger. 

 If you enjoy my capricious ramblings and random thoughts as much as I do when I experience them, that's great! Follow me as they pop in my head and I decide what to do with them, or hear any number of my oddly occurring stories. 

 I used to love to journal as a child but found my small hands would soon tire as I would only semi-annually "check in" with my diary/journal to update it on big/weird/random/'ah-ha" moments that had happened to me. 

 It is the wee hours of the morning, and you reader might be confused, or maybe you are coming back to this post after reading several newer posts, but I hope you enjoy the journey {most of the time included with tangents as they usually occur when we decide to hop aboard different trains of thought as they roll into our mind} and please no being "douche-y" in rude comments, because really it's not very nice of you as a person to be said type of commenter.  

Back to what I was basically trying to say in this first & late night post:

  • I am inspired to blog now (Thx Allie! psst..She rocks, Alot [yes this time I mean Alot, not a lot])"
  • Please enjoy and happily comment/follow
  • If you are not enjoying yourself feel free to just click your way to a different site, no need to be nasty {take a tip from thumper: If you can't say anything nice, then don't say nuthin' at all" or something like that, it has been a while since I saw Bambi}
  • I ecstatically enjoy using alliteration/assonance
  • I frequently think in terms of writing letters to inanimate objects, must like my latest facebook status, which I will leave you with until my next post.
  • I randomly "rawr"

Like.. now! Rawr & Goodnight

<3 Ashley

P.S.- facebook status, which I am leaving you with until my next post is a "letter" of my thoughts on a random something, usually an inanimate object:

Dear Wind,

Calm down CALM DOWN! You are too darn intense and cold for all of us humans who need to stay warm. Please continue your extreme breeziness another time or place where you are much needed by sailors or people who need/enjoy wind. Even with my heat cranked past 80, shivers still shoot across my skin. This could be contributed to the failing windows. {They will get a talking to also}.

Thx ♥,



    I love Allie Brosh. I actually came to your page through your facebook comment on her page. She inspired me to blog also.