Friday, August 12, 2011

Secrets, secrets, secrets! **Secret Project:: Happening now**

I have been inspired to take on a roughly one week super secret mini project, which might be fairly complicated considering all the crap that has to get moved to Chicago in the next few days, but I will try my darndest (darnest? darndness? meh.) to succeed everyday, and today was day 1, and it will conclude next Thursday...Which then I will hopefully report back to you all to let you know the deets and how it went and opinions of said project :) yay!

In the meantime here is a random drawring (it drives me nuts when some people throw in uncecessary "r"s like that, or "waRsh" for "wash". There wasn't an "r" in it, so stop adding random letters! It's madness!)

Ok random drawing, picture... from today...err technically yesterday, but no technicalities!

It is for you to decide whether the picture is possibly relevant to the super secret project or not, let the theories flow!

"Justin Bieber ?! Bieber fever ?! Are you a crazy 10 year old?! What does this mean?!"

"What is a Justice Beaver?"

"Well it's a crime fighting beaver, of course!"

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