Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moving Across 2 States!!! {Possible Videos of this Adventure to Come}

    In less than 11 hours we will be moving over 400 miles to a place we haven't even signed the lease for yet (It looks and sounds AMAZING... seriously amazing...just like my horse, it is amazing...♫).  Usually when people move, especially out of state move, you already know all the details of the new place for weeks....
We have only just picked out this place was educated choosing though, several reviews read...) were approved today, and will be driving ~8 hours to get there hopefully before they close.  I personally have never driven that far, by myself, alone!  Husband has a sweet sound set up where I can just plug the AUX cord into my iPad and have an eight hour dance party... woooo!

Photos.. and possible videos even... of THIS adventure... :)

I was going to try and retain some bit of anonymity with my blogging but I am now going to link you to my YouTube channel where I will be posting more videos of this adventure! 

Soon I will start making videos connecting to what I am blogging about! 

Yay! :) 

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