Friday, April 8, 2011

WIFE CHOP! Identity changer. Figuring Out Who I Am... (on percocet @ 1:45am)

All I can think about is the WIFE CHOP!

"Wife..? Chop..? Wife chop?" You might ask... that sounds like a horror movie... Why are you so obsessed with this wifechop thing?  Well the term was brought to my attention by a Wifechopper herself, my friend Anna (her blog: ).  She, like almost every other bride, was growing out her hair as long as she could for her wedding, but shortly after becoming a wifey, she CHOP CHOP CHOPPED IT for what I can only assume was a liberating experience.  Recently I expressed my same desire, feeling constricted and limited by my hair options because of the necessity to keep every millimeter of length for the successful styling for my wedding in about 6 weeks... (holy cow, 6 weeks... 6 WEEKS! only 43 days.. just a lil over a month! ok that's a different freak-out session for a different post) because it will be curly which will bring up the length and

 blah blah blah this post is not just shallow ramblings about my"omghair"...

because for ladies... it is part of your "identitiy".. which men.. you probably think.."it's just flippin hair, whatever". Well my identity is about to change, and that is hard/has pros & slight cons that are just a part of growing up.. which Joe identified in our "Newlywed game" as one of my biggest fears...legit but not my biggest fear (THAT too is a whole other post)


Identity... for all 22 years and some months I have been known as a certain identity with the name I have known for ...yes all my life... (ok I'm ssuuupperr super maxed out on my pain medz bcuz today was a very VERY "bring-you-to-tears-I -can't-move-except-to-go-to-the-bathroom" painful days..but again THAT is another post...) ok where was I..

so old identity= first + last name... already had a teacher name.. got used to it.. now I change my name because I am marrying my best friend & love of my life, which requires women to change their name, their identity... and well this isn't coming out right but before I was very apprehensive about the name change.. a modern woman... feeling like I have to do it for tradition, and legitimately considered the ever dredded, viewed as disrespectful... name hyphening... and for those of you who actually know who I am and not just random internet person... well that would be a whole lot of last name...
ok so the other part of my identity... all through highschool... etc, I have been told I am "known for my hair" my big, curly, incredibly long blonde hair... especially by Moum...she loves my hair and I think it's important to her and in me being her daughter with the pretty long blonde hair. Random, I know but it's part of my thought process... This might sound dumb to you but this hair has changed lives. Weird. yes. gotten me jobs & $$ ... weird again but yes..

 But my identity is changing, I am changing, I actually feel like I am growing up.. (ahhh scarryyyy... Richard Scarryyyy)

I thought it was crazy old graduating high school at the time (now.. so young)... being a college student... finding "the one" my one and only.. living with him , then 1/2 through college living in Japan... getting engaged to wonderful Joe...Student teaching... lead teaching(might sound small but being the main person in charge of a child's learning for weeks on end... intense!)... GRADUATING COLLEGE... getting my teaching license... being a legit teacher...teaching & making $ with what I went through sooo much school for... (well until January, then falling... huge life altering injury...ok another post who knows if i'll even get into allll that) and now... being able to say my wedding is next month... I will be a Mrs.... a Mrs.. with 1/2 my name gone... my identity gone?

Identity changed?  Altered... but still me... just like with what the Wife-Chop symbolizes...
 Cutting away the highschool/college me, getting a fresh new cut, new leaf... which reminds me that this year, starting a couple weeks into Jan. 2011.. I really truly have changed.. and not just because of the accident but my whole look on... everything, including food & exercise.. before we all just kind of crave something, then try to satisfy that craving, eat for whenever.. which has poor results... blah blah blah I was inspired to take my ever-failing-in-so-many-dimensions health and really turn a new leaf, and stay this new way... I've gotten positive results and have wanted to continue until I hit a healthier goal, then maintain that goal... been inspired, and helped inspire (mom's on this journey too, both successes so faarr <3 amazing woman, that moum is! that could be a whole BOOK a whole Novel filled with her amazingness)

Wow, random much? story of my life!
buutttt anyway: Wife-Chop will be

 fresh (LOVE this word.. FRESH!),


altered, but not gone,


and part of my married woman new life... which I am very excited to start... and the 2nd day after the wedding... WIFE CHOP will commence...

I will leave for my honeymoon, with a husband, and a new.. altered identity.. symbolized by my new haircut... ooh, and some bling to accompany my ring...

SPOILER ALERT: also most likely a new city, in a new state....

Big things are to come... and the old me would have been terrified, but with my man, my angel, my husband-in-training, we will be just fine...

 It's all happening so fast, but overdue at the same time... 

I am so excited to be the new Mrs. Joseph with my new outlook on life & my health, and new wife chop to physically symbolize it all...

Late night ramblings...capricious...candid.. just like my thoughts... sorry if it was hard to follow along, just know I am excited, nervous, and still trying to figure out exactly who I am,  but won't be on my own.. AND SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR MY WIFE-CHOP!!!!!! 

WIFE CHOP! you will happen May 23rd. be ready!

Wife-chop inspirations (my actual one will be slightly below shoulder at about the collar bone)

<3 Me!

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